Fast Food Nation

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Unformatted text preview: t’s in Your French Fries,” India-West, April 5, 2001. “Eating a cow for a Hindu”: Quoted in Laurie Goodstein, “For Hindus and Vegetarians, Surprise in McDonald’s Fries,” New York Times, May 20, 2001. 279 “We came to warn them”: Quoted in “Hardline Hindus: Close McDonald’s,” Ha’aretz, May 6, 2001. “If you visit McDonald’s anywhere”: “Healthy Eating,” McDonald’s Corporation, Australian Web site,, 2001. adjusting its french fry recipe: Interview with Anna Rozenich, the McDonald’s Corporation. “We regret if customers felt”: “McDonald’s French Fry Facts”, McDonald’s Corporation, May 2001. “confusion” was the wrong word: Quoted in Transcript, “Class Action Suit Against McDonald’s Claims Company Misleads Consumers About Fry Oil,” CNN News, May 3, 2001. “We apologize for any confusion”: The spokesman was Walt Riker, repeating a denial made on numerous occasions. Quoted in Transcript, “Class Action Suit.” See also “McDonald’...
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