Fast Food Nation

Nicols fox is the author of both and she was

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Unformatted text preview: Moines Register, March 7, 1999. the majority of Lexington’s white inhabitants… the proportion of Latino inhabitants: Lexington is the principal city in Dawson County, and in 1990, 4.7 percent of the county’s population was Latino, according to census figures. A recount in 1993 found the Latino population to be almost 30 percent and expected to reach 50 percent within three years. Cited in Lourdes Gouveia, “From the Beet Fields to the Kill Floors: Latinos in Nebraska’s Meatpacking Communities,” unpublished manuscript. “Mexington”: For some of the positive effects of the new immigration wave, see Edwin Garcia and Ben Stocking, “Latinos on the Move to a New Promised Land,” San Jose Mercury News, August 16, 1998. “We have three odors”: Quoted in Melody M. Loughry, “Issues Now,” North Platte Resident, January 15,1996. the Justice Department sued IBP: See Elliot Blair Smith, “Stench Chokes Meatpacking Towns,” U SA Today, February 14, 2000; “U.S. Sues Meatpacking Giant for Violating Numerous Environmental Laws in Midwest,” press release, Environmental Protection Agency, January 12, 2000. “This agreement means”: Quoted in “Meatpacker Must Cut H...
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