Fast Food Nation

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Unformatted text preview: port “Liquid Candy: How Soft Drinks Are Harming Americans’ Health,” October 1998, is another fine example of the center’s work. The corporate memos from the McDonald’s advertising campaign were given to me by someone who thought I’d find them “enlightening,” and indeed they are. Page 32 “One of the highlights of my sixty-first birthday”: Exhibit, Ray A. Kroc Museum. 33 “to order, control, and keep clean”: Schickel, Disney Version, p. 24. even more famous than Mickey Mouse: According to John Love, Ronald McDonald is the most widely recognized commercial character in the United States. Love, Behind the Arches, p. 222. 34 “That was where I learned”: Kroc, Grinding It Out, p. 17. “If you believe in it”: Voice recording, Ray A. Kroc Museum. 35 “When I saw it”: Kroc, Grinding It Out, p. 71. “through the eyes of a salesman”: Ibid., pp. 9–10, 72. $100,000 a year in profits: Love, Behind the Arches, p. 19. “This little fellow comes in”: Voice recording, Ray A. Kroc Museum. “Dear Walt”: Quoted in Leslie Doolittle, “McDonald’s Plan Cooked Up Decades Ago,” Orlando Senti...
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