Fast Food Nation

On march 31 1999 the three court of appeal justices

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Unformatted text preview: gether by a commitment to nonviolent political action. They ran the organization without any formal leadership, even refusing to join the International Greenpeace movement. A typical meeting of London Greenpeace attracted anywhere from three people to three dozen. In 1986 the group decided to target McDonald’s, later explaining that the company “epitomises everything we despise: a junk culture, the deadly banality of capitalism.” Members of London Greenpeace began to distribute a six-page leaflet called “What’s Wrong with McDonald’s? Everything they don’t want you to know.” It accused the fast food chain of promoting Third World poverty, selling unhealthy food, exploiting workers and children, torturing animals, and destroying the Amazon rain forest, among other things. Some of the text was factual and straightforward; some of it was pure agitprop. Along the top of the leaflet ran a series of golden arches punctuated by slogans like “McDollars, McGreedy, McCancer, McMurder, McProfits, McGarbage.” London Greenpeace distributed the leaflets for four years without attracting much attention. And then in September of 1990 McDonald’s sued five memb...
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