Fast Food Nation

Others cant stop thinking about the smell even after

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Unformatted text preview: ame was Philly Favorite, he played guitar in a band called the Deadites, and his cowboy hat was made out of fake zebra fur. The median age of Colorado’s ranchers and farmers is about fifty-five, and roughly half of the state’s open land will change hands during the next two decades — a potential boon for real estate developers. A number of Colorado land trusts are now working to help ranchers obtain conservation easements. In return for donating future development rights to one of these trusts, a rancher receives an immediate tax break and the prospect of lower inheritance taxes. The land remains private property, but by law can never be turned into golf courses, shopping malls, or subdivisions. In 1995 the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association formed the first land trust in the United States that is devoted solely to the preservation of ranchland. It has thus far protected almost 40,000 acres, a significant achievement. But ranchland in Colorado is now vanishing at the rate of about 90,000 acres a year. Conservation easements are usually of greate...
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