Fast Food Nation

Pueblo has not boomed yet it seems ready right on the

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Unformatted text preview: ak, the president of Tricon Global Restaurants. His company operates more restaurants than any other company in the world — 30,000 Pizza Huts, Taco Bells, and KFCs. A former advertising executive with a boyish face and the earnest delivery style of a motivational speaker, Novak charmed the crowd. He talked about the sort of recognition his company tried to give its employees, the pep talks, the prizes, the special awards of plastic chili peppers and rubber chickens. He believed the best way to motivate people is to have fun. “Cynics need to be in some other industry,” he said. Employee awards created a sense of pride and esteem, they showed that management was watching, and they did not cost a lot of money. “We want to be a great company for the people who make it great,” Novak announced. Other speakers talked about teamwork, empowering workers, and making it “fun.” During the President’s Panel, the real sentiments of the assembled restaurant operators and executives became clear. Norman Brinker — a legend in the industry, the founder of Bennigan’s...
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