Fast Food Nation

Reiter ester m aking fast food from the frying pan

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Unformatted text preview: to minimize the fear and stress they experience before slaughter. Her commitment to animal welfare is heartfelt and unassailable. Grandin was profiled by the neurologist Oliver W. Sacks in An Anthropologist on Mars (New York: Vintage Press, 1996), and has published her own memoir, Thinking in Pictures: And Other Reports from My Life with Autism (New York: Vintage Press, 1995). According to Grandin: Temple Grandin discussed McDonald’s humane slaughter program with me at length. the enthusiastic support of the meatpacking industry: Janet Riley, a spokeswoman for American Meat Institute (AMI), told me that the industry has eagerly backed the new guidelines devised by Grandin. Slaughtering animals humanely is a good idea, not just for ethical reasons; it also improves the quality of the meat. The meatpacking industry much prefers a program administered by McDonald’s to one administered by the USDA. McDonald’s inspectors are employed by meatpacking companies; their inspection reports...
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