Fast Food Nation

Restaurants were inducted into the fine dining hall

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Unformatted text preview: new life; and he liked being an assistant manager because the work didn’t seem hard. He was not, however, going to rely on McDonald’s for his personal safety. He said that video cameras weren’t installed at his restaurant until the Teeny Beanie Babies arrived. “Man, people really want to rip those things off,” he said. “You’ve got to keep your eye on them.” Jose often counts the money and closes the restaurant late at night. He always brings an illegal handgun to work, and a couple of his employees carry handguns, too. He’s not afraid of what might happen if an armed robber walks in the door one night. “Ain’t nothing that he could do to me,” Jose said, matter-of-factly, “that I couldn’t do to him.” The May 2000 murder of five Wendy’s employees during a robbery in Queens, New York, received a great deal of media attention. The killings were gruesome, one of the murderers had previously worked at the restaurant, and the case unfolded in the media capital of the nation. But crime and fast food have be...
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