Fast Food Nation

Rich conways been through a lot hes had a motorcycle

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Unformatted text preview: company had trained and financed them. One explanation, never really explored in the Wall Street Journal p rofile, might be that the Voigts were one of the most powerful couples in Plauen under the old regime. They headed the local branch of Konsum, the state-controlled foodservice monopoly. Today the Voigts are one of Plauen’s wealthiest couples; they own two other McDonald’s in nearby towns. Throughout the former Eastern bloc, members of the old Communist elite have had the easiest time adjusting to Western consumerism. They had the right connections and many of the right skills. They now own some of the most lucrative franchises. The high unemployment rate in Plauen has created social and political instability. What seems lacking is a stable middle ground. Roughly a third of the young people in eastern Germany now express support for various nationalist and neo-Nazi groups. Right-wing extremists have declared large parts of the east to be “foreigner-free” zones, where immigrants are not welcome. The roads leadin...
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