Fast Food Nation

S house of representatives june 24 1999 according to

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Unformatted text preview: Revolution in American Business (Cambridge, Mass.: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1977), pp. 241–42. 69 The guacamole isn’t made by workers: See Joel Millman, “These Days, Mexico Serves as a Giant Offshore Kitchen,” Wall Street Journal, January 19, 2000. 70 “Smile with a greeting”: Quoted in Reiter, Making Fast Food, p. 85. “When management determines exactly”: Leidner, Fast Food, Fast Talk, p. 3. English is now the second language: Cited in Rita Rousseau, “Employing the New America,” Restaurants and Institutions, March 15, 1997. 71 a 1999 conference on foodservice equipment: The conference was COEX ’99, the Twenty-sixth Annual Chain Operators Exchange. The panel was Breakout Session C: “Too Many Cooks… Cutting Labor Cost in the Kitchen.” The participants were Larry Behm, vice president, restaurant systems engineering, Taco Bell Corporation; Dave Brewer, vice president, engineering KFC-Tricon; Jane Gannaway, vice president, restaurant planning, design and procurement, Hardee’s; Jerry Sus, home office director, equipment systems engineering, McDonald’s Corporation; and John Reckert, director of strategic oper...
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