Fast Food Nation

S news world report september 1 1997 273 totally

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Unformatted text preview: For a good account of how eating habits were transformed in Japan, see Mark Hammond and Jacqueline Ruyak, “The Decline of the Japanese Diet: MacArthur to McDonald’s,” East West, October 1990. 242 the sale of fast food in Japan more than doubled: Ibid. the rate of obesity among children: The statistic comes from the Japanese Education Ministry. Cited in “Western Fast Food Is Blamed for Overweight Children,” Food Labeling News, May 13, 1998. about one-third of all Japanese men in their thirties: See Joseph Coleman, “More Japanese Men Are Overweight,” AP, June 15, 1998; “Time to Trim the Fat of the Land,” Japan Times, November 14, 1999. 243 a study of middle-aged Japanese men: The Ni-Hon-San Study is described in Hammond and Ruyack, “MacArthur to McDonald.” See also Jeanette G. Kernicki, “A Multicultural Perspective on Cardiovascular Disease,” Journal of Cardiovascular Nurses, July 1997. American children now get about one-quarter: Cited in Janet McConnaughey, “Chips, Fries Big Part of Kids’ Diet,” AP, September 5, 1999. A sur...
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