Fast Food Nation

S government that would convert the desert of

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Unformatted text preview: mercy. But the worship of selling and of celebrity infuses his literature, his guest lists, his radio shows and seminars. “Don’t network haphazardly,” Peter Lowe preaches in his $19.95 Peter Lowe’s Success Yearbook. “Set goals to meet key people. Imagine yourself talking to them. Plan in advance what questions to ask them… When there is an important individual you want to network with, be prepared to say something insightful to them that shows you’re aware of their achievements… Everyone loves to receive a present. It’s hard to be resistant or standoffish to someone who has just given you a nice gift… Adopt the attitude of a superstar… Smile. A smile tells people you like them, are interested in them. What an appealing message to send!” These are the teachings of his gospel, the good news that fills arenas and sells cassettes. As the loudspeakers play the theme song from Chariots of Fire, Lowe wheels Christopher Reeve onstage. The crowd wildly applauds. Reeve’s handsome face is framed by longish gray hair. A respirator tube extends from the back of his blue swe...
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