Fast Food Nation

See terry downs mad cow disease testing reveals

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Unformatted text preview: es Prohibited from Use in Animal Food or Feed; Animal Proteins Prohibited in Ruminant Feed; Proposed Rule; Washington D.C., February 13, 1997.” For years the reporting about mad cow disease in Food Chemical News has been objective and first-rate. Interviews with software designer Hitesh Shah, journalist Viji Sundaram, and attorney Harish Bharti helped me understand how revelations about McDonald’s fries and the flavor industry led to riots in India. I am grateful to Eugene Richards for pushing hard to complete our photoessay on the lives of meatpacking workers, and to Roger Cohn, the editor of Mother Jones, for publishing it without hesitation. The plight of Latino meatpacking workers in Texas was eloquently described to me by Trini Gamez at the Centro Gamez in Amarillo and by Michael Wyatt, the director of Texas Rural Legal Assistance. Attorneys Jim Wood, Channy Wood, and Kevin Glasheen explicated for me some of the unique features of Texas workers’ comp law. They have demonstrated real courage in their legal battles with the meatpacking giants. Karen Olsson, editor of the Texas Observer, was extremely generous with her own research on IBP. Michael J. Broadway, an e...
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