Fast Food Nation

See winston williams an upheaval in meatpacking new

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Unformatted text preview: F. Love, Behind the Arches, p p. 338–43. Page 133 Hank was the first person: At the request of Hank’s family, I have not used his real name. 136 about half a million ranchers sold off: Based on numbers provided by the National Agricultural Statistics Service. In 1968, McDonald’s bought ground beef: For the consolidation of the chain’s beef purchasing, see Love, Behind the Arches, pp. 333–38. 137 at the height of the Beef Trust: Cited in Competition and the Livestock Market, Report of a Task Force Commissioned by the Center for Rural Affairs (Walt Hill, Neb.: April 1990), p. 31. In 1970 the top four meatpacking firms: Cited ibid., p. 31. Today the top four meatpacking firms: The figure comes from a USDA study, cited in George Anthan, “2 Reports Focus on Packers’ Profits,” Des Moines Register, May 30, 1999. 138 the rancher’s share of every retail dollar: Estimate cited in “Prepared Statement of Keith Collins, Chief Economist, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Before the House Committee on Agriculture,” Federal News Service, Februa...
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