Fast Food Nation

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Unformatted text preview: single detail. I was fortunate to have John McPhee as a teacher long ago. He set a high standard — in seriousness of purpose, and compassion, and dedication to the craft — that his former students have struggled to attain. A number of friends encouraged me for years to keep writing: Andre Boissier, Eric Borrer, Craig Canine, Michael Clurman, Alex Hendler, Jordan Katz, Lacey and John Williams. They cannot be thanked enough. Jane Rosenthal helped me become a writer by forcing me to write every day — and paying me to do it. Sarah Finnie Cabot played a crucial role in helping me get my first assignment. John Seabrook has been supportive in innumerable ways, finding me fact-checkers, reading manuscripts carefully, and criticizing them well. Katrina vanden Heuvel gave me the final shove that made me write nonfiction, has always been inspiring and engaged in the big issues of the day, always a dear friend. Tina Bennett played an important role in the creation of this book, from the initial proposal to the final pages. She is a real gem: a terrific editor who also happens to be a terrific agent. During the writing of this book, my family was often subjected to highly unpleasant details. Lynn and Craig, James and Kyle, Amy and Mark, Andrew, Austin, Hillary, Dylan, Lena, Billy, and George have put up with a lot. I am lucky they will still share a meal with me. My children, Mica and Conor, have put up with even more, and I apologize to them for all the Happy Meals they’ve bee...
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