Fast Food Nation

State health officials have attacked the usda policy

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Unformatted text preview: s ground into fine particles by giant augers, mixed into exact proportions of lean meat and fat, stamped into patties, perforated, frozen, passed through metal detectors and then sealed in plastic wrap. The frozen hamburger patties that came out of the machines looked like little pink waffles. David Theno would like the meatpacking industry to adopt a sys-tem of “performance-based grading.” Slaughterhouses that produced consistently clean meat would received a grade A. Plants that performed moderately well would receive a grade B, and so on. Microbial testing would determine the grades, and the marketplace would reward companies that ranked highest. Plants that earned only a C or a D would have to do better — or stick to making dog food. Some people in the fast food industry resent the idea that Jack in the Box, which was involved in such a large outbreak of food poisoning, has assumed the mantle of leadership on the issue of food safety. Theno’s support for tough food safety legislation in California made him unpopular with the state’s resta...
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