Fast Food Nation

Students from out of town stay at the hyatt on the

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Unformatted text preview: s not disturbing to him, I realized. It was a mark of success. “When I first met my wife,” Carl said, “this road here was gravel and now it’s blacktop.” 2/ your trusted friends BEFORE ENTERING the RayOneKroc Museum,Plaza have to Brook,through McStore. Both sit on the groundoval windows and a gray concrete A. you walk floor of McDonald’s corporate headquarters, located at McDonald’s in Oak Illinois. The headquarters building has façade — a look that must have seemed space-age when the building opened three decades ago. Now it seems stolid and drab, an architectural relic of the Nixon era. It resembles the American embassy compounds that always used to attract antiwar protesters, student demonstrators, flag burners. The eighty-acre campus of Hamburger University, McDonald’s managerial training center, is a short drive from headquarters. Shuttle buses constantly go back and forth between the campus and McDonald’s Plaza, ferrying clean-cut young men and women in khakis who’ve come to study for their “Degree in Hamburgerology.” The cours...
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