Fast Food Nation

Tannenbaum right to retake subway shops spurs outcry

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Unformatted text preview: ations and research & development, Burger King Corporation. The session was recorded by Convention Tapes International, Miami, Florida. 72 an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor: Cited in L. M. Sixel, “Giving Tax Break a Second Chance; Credit to Hire Disadvantaged Returns,” Houston Chronicle, October 16, 1996. See also Ben Wildavsky, “Taking Credit,” National Journal, March 29, 1997. as much as $385 million in subsidies: Cited in Sixel, “Giving Tax Break a Second Chance.” “They’ve got to crawl”: Quoted ibid. about 1 million migrant farm workers: See Schlosser, “In the Strawberry Fields.” 73 about 300 to 400 percent: The lower figure is cited in Jennifer Waters, “R&I Executive of the Year: Robert Nugent,” Restaurants and Institutions, July 1, 1998. The higher figure, remarkably, comes from Denise Fugo, treasurer of the National Restaurant Association, quoted in Lornet Turnbull, “Restaurants Feeding Off Fit Economy,” February 23, 1999. a higher proportion of its workers: Interview with Alan B. Krueger. 73 t...
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