Fast Food Nation

The centers for disease control and prevention

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Unformatted text preview: vey of children’s advertising: See “A Spoonful of Sugar — Television Food Advertising Aimed at Children: An International Comparative Survey,” Consumers International, London, November 1996; “Advertising to Children: UK the Worst in Europe,” Food Magazine, January/March 1997. “Resist America beginning with Cola”: Quoted in Philip F. Zeidman, “Globalization: A Hard Pill to Swallow?” Franchising World, July/August 1999. “Maybe they think it’s Italian”: Quoted in “U.S. Companies in China Keeping Low Profile,” Colorado Springs Gazette, May 11,1999. “lousy food”: The French phrase for what Bove scorns is “la mal-bouffe.” See Sophie Meunier, “The French Exception,” Foreign Affairs, August 2000. 244 largest purchaser of agricultural commodities in France: Cited in Carla Power, “McParadox,” Newsweek International, July 10, 2000. “servile slaves at the service of agribusiness”: Quoted in John Lloyd, “The Trial of Jose Bove,” Financial Times, July 1, 2000. “Non à McMerde”: Q...
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