Fast Food Nation

The franchise opportunities guide published annually

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Unformatted text preview: nion membership: Cited in “Colorado Springs: The Pikes Peak Region,” Greater Colorado Springs Development Agency, 1997. Hoiles was politically conservative: See James S. Granelli, “The Fight for Freedom Newspapers,” Los Angeles Times, November 17, 1985. advocates spanking disobedient children: See Dobson, The New Dare to Discipline, pp. 1–7, 50, 64. generates much larger annual revenues: See Alexander-Moegerle, Dobson’s War on America, p. 13. 64 more staunchly Republican than the American South: See Valerie Richardson, “Population Flow Upends West’s Politics,” Washington Times, February 28, 1999. approximately one million people: Cited in William H. Frey, “Immigrant and Native Migrant Magnets,” American Demographics, November 1996. See also William G. Deming, “A decade of economic change and population shifts in U.S. regions,” Monthly Labor Review, November 1996. “the new white flight”: William H. Frey, “The New White Flight,” American Demographics, April 19...
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