Fast Food Nation

The aim of the lowell neighborhood is not to get rid

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Unformatted text preview: m of freedom without limits, self-reliance, and a wide-open frontier. epilogue: have it your way WORLDS AWAYday, theThe Ranch, Dale Lasater with snow.a corral full in his early fifties, withthem treats from his hand. Be-hind him onglasses. He from stands in of huge bulls, feeding this warm spring Rockies are still white Lasater is a handlebar mustache and wire-rimmed wears worn-out jeans and boots, and a well-ironed, button-down shirt, looking part-cowboy, part-Ivy Leaguer. The bulls that crowd around him seem almost sweet, acting more like a bunch of Ferdinands than like fierce symbols of machismo. They were bred to be gentle, never dehorned, and never roped. The Lasater Ranch occupies about 30,000 acres of shortgrass prairie near the town of Matheson, Colorado. It is a profitable, working ranch that for half a century has not used pesticides, herbicides, poisons, or commercial fertilizers on the land, has not killed local predators such as coyotes, has not administered growth hormones, anabolic steroids, or antibiotics to the cattle. The Lasaters are by no means t...
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