Fast Food Nation

The annual health care costs in the united states

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Unformatted text preview: t narrow social and political interests,” Nugent warned, “have set their sights on our industry in an effort to legislate behavioral change.” Enjoying a great meal at a restaurant was “the very essence of freedom,” he declared, a ritual now being threatened by groups with an agenda that was “anti-meat, anti-alcohol, anti-caffeine, anti-fat, anti-chemical additives, anti-horseradish, antinon-dairy creamer.” The media played a central role in helping these “activist fearmongers,” but the National Restaurant Association had recently launched a counterattack, working closely with journalists to dispel myths and gain better publicity. Nugent called upon the fast food executives to respond even more forcefully to their critics, people who today posed “a real danger to our industry — and more broadly to our way of life.” Not long afterward Mikhail Gorbachev appeared onstage and received a standing ovation. Here was the man who’d ended the Cold War, who’d brought political freedom to hundreds of millions, who’d opened vast new markets. At the age...
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