Fast Food Nation

The death of a worker on the job was punished with a

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Unformatted text preview: male coworkers groped them, kissed them, and used animal parts in a sexually explicit manner. The sexual relationships between supervisors and “hourlies” are for the most part consensual. Many female workers optimistically regard sex with their supervisor as a way to gain a secure place in American society, a green card, a husband — or at the very least a transfer to an easier job at the plant. Some supervisors become meatpacking Casanovas, engaging in multiple affairs. Sex, drugs, and slaughterhouses may seem an unlikely combination, but as one former Monfort employee told me: “Inside those walls is a different world that obeys different laws.” Late on the second shift, when it’s dark outside, assignations take place in locker rooms, staff rooms, and parked cars, even on the catwalk over the kill floor. the worst SOME OF THE MOST dangerous jobs in meatpacking today are performed by the late-night cleaning crews. A large proportion of these workers are illegal immigrants. They are considered “independent contractors,” employed not by the meatpacking firms but by sanitat...
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