Fast Food Nation

The initial burger king and king sooper ad contracts

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Unformatted text preview: e Big Mac. The link with the Walt Disney Company was considered by far the most important, designed to “enhance perceptions of Brand McDonald’s.” A memo sought to explain the underlying psychology behind many visits to McDonald’s: parents took their children to McDonald’s because they “want the kids to love them… it makes them feel like a good parent.” Purchasing something from Disney was the “ultimate” way to make kids happy, but it was too expensive to do every day. The advertising needed to capitalize on these feelings, letting parents know that “ONLY McDonald’s MAKES IT EASY TO GET A BIT OF DISNEY MAGIC.” The ads aimed at “minivan parents” would carry an unspoken message about taking your children to McDonald’s: “It’S an easy way to feel like a good parent.” The fundamental goal of the “My McDonald’s” campaign that stemmed from these proposals was to make a customer feel that Mc-Donald’s “cares about me” and “knows about me.” A corporate memo introducing the campaign explained: “The essence McDonald’s is embracing is ‘Trusted Friend’… ‘Trusted Frie...
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