Fast Food Nation

The meat is obtained from gnc packing a small

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Unformatted text preview: h old-fashioned farm implements, saddles, bridles, and wagon wheels. Frieder Stephan, the owner of The Ranch, was inspired by photographs of the American West, but gathered all the items on the walls from nearby farms. The place looks like a bar in Cripple Creek, circa 1895. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Frieder Stephan was a disc jockey on an East German tourist ferry. He secretly listened to Creedance Clearwater, the Stones, and the Lovin’ Spoonful. Now forty-nine years old, he is the leading impresario in Plauen’s thriving country-western scene, booking local bands (like the Midnight Ramblers and C.C. Raider) at his club. The city’s country-western fans call themselves “Vogtland Cowboys,” put on their western boots and ten-gallon hats at night, and hit the town, drinking at The Ranch or joining the Square Dance Club at a bar called the White Magpie. The Square Dance Club is sponsored by Thommy’s Western Store on Friedrich Engels Avenue. Plauen now has a number of small western-wear shops li...
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