Fast Food Nation

The plight of latino meatpacking workers in texas was

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Unformatted text preview: verment’s War on Obesity,” Washington Post, January 30, 2000. 242 now approach $240 billion: See Maggie Fox, “Obesity Costs U.S. $238 Billion a Year — Survey,” Reuters, September 15, 1999. $33 billion on various weight-loss schemes: Cited in Robert Jablon, “Studies Show Obesity on Rise in U.S.,” AP, October 26, 1999. Obesity has been linked to: See William C. Willett, William H. Dietz, and Graham A. Colditz, “Guidelines for Healthy Weight,” New England Journal of Medicine, August 5, 1999; Aviva Must, Jennifer Spadano, Eugenie H. Coakley, Allison E. Field, Graham Colditz, and William H. Dietz, “The Disease Burden Associated with Overweight and Obesity,” Journal of the American Medical Association, October 27, 1999. A 1999 study by the American Cancer Society: See Katherine Webster, “Study: Obesity Can Shorten Lifespan,” AP, October 6, 1999. “The message is we’re too fat”: The researcher is Eugenia Calle, quoted ibid. Severely obese American children: See Dennis Michael Styne, “Childhood Obesity: Time for Action,...
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