Fast Food Nation

The survey was conducted by the national quality

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Unformatted text preview: n food safety system with systems in Western Europe. See Ensuring Safe Food, p. 25. about 0.1 percent of Swedish cattle: Cited in “Swedish Salmonella Control Programmes for Live Animals, Eggs and Meat,” National Veterinary Institute, Swedish Board of Agriculture, National Food Administration, January 16, 1995. lower than the rate in the United States: At the time, roughly 7.5 percent of American ground beef contained Salmonella. Cited in “Nationwide Federal Plant Raw Ground Beef Microbiological Survey, August 1993-March 1994,” United States Deartment of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service, Science and Technology, Microbiology Division, April 1996. The Netherlands began to test ground beef: Interview with Steven Bjerklie. a dozen federal agencies: Cited in Ensuring Safe Food, p. 26. if a pizza has pepperoni on it: Ibid., p. 27. 264 Eggs are regulated by the FDA: This example of bureaucratic folly was cited by Carol Tucker Foreman, a prominent food safety advocate, during recent testimony before Congress. For an excellent critique of our current food safety sys-tem and some rational proposals for reform, see Prepare...
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