Fast Food Nation

Theno a prominent food scientist to prevent future

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Unformatted text preview: ed meat, the tendency of workers to urinate and defecate on the kill floor. After reading The Jungle President Theodore Roosevelt ordered an independent investigation of Sinclair’s charges. When it confirmed the accuracy of the book, Roosevelt called for legislation requiring mandatory federal inspection of all meat sold through interstate commerce, accurate labeling and dating of canned meat products, and a fee-based regulatory sys-tem that made meatpackers pay the cost of cleaning up their own industry. The powerful magnates of the Beef Trust responded by vilifying Roosevelt and Upton Sinclair, dismissing their accusations, and launching a p ublic relations campaign to persuade the American people that nothing was wrong. “Meat and food products, generally speaking,” J. Ogden Armour claimed in a Saturday Evening Post article, “are handled as carefully and circumspectly in large packing houses as they are in the average home kitchen.” Testifying before Congress, Thomas Wilson, an executiv...
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