Fast Food Nation

They also have the highest obesity rate cited in

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Unformatted text preview: ing, November 1, 1998; “Bacteria Wars: How 3 Processors Responded,” St. Petersburg Times, February 14, 1999; Robert Trigaux, “Tougher Standards Battle Meat Bacteria,” St. Petersburg Times, February 14, 1999; and “E. Coli Suit Principals Confer; Child’s Family Sues Florida Company,” Florida Times-Union, May 15, 1999. a dozen children in Finley, Washington: For the Northern States Beef story, see Elliott Jaspin and Scott Montgomery, “Feds Buy Bad Beef for Low Bid; E. coli Outbreak Results from School Lunch Program Supply System,” Atlanta Journal, March 28, 1999; and “Tainted School Tacos,” Seattle Times, May 8, 1999. 219 as much as 47 percent of the company’s ground beef: See Bill Lodge, “Dallas Beef Plant That Failed Salmonella Tests Challenges Screening System,” Dallas Morning News, December 10, 1999; and Tiara Ellis and Michael Saul, “Dallas Meat Processor Recalls Beef After USDA Detects E. coli,” Dallas Morning News, December 26, 1999. about 1.4 million illnesses: Mead et al., “Food-Related Illness and Death.” the USDA continued to purchase thousands of tons: See Scott Montgomery and Elliot Jaspin, “USDA Purchased Meat f...
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