Fast Food Nation

They thought any feed change should remain voluntary

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Unformatted text preview: ay’s fast food industry is “Grow or die.” The slightest drop in a chain’s market share can cause a large decline in the value of its stock. Even the McDonald’s Corporation is now vulnerable to the changing whims of consumers. It is opening fewer McDonald’s in the United States and expanding mainly through pizza, chicken, and Mexican food chains that do not bear the company name. The right pressure applied to the fast food industry in the right way could produce change faster than any act of Congress. The United Students Against Sweatshops and other activist groups have brought widespread attention to the child labor, low wages, and hazardous working conditions in Asian factories that make sneakers for Nike. At first, the company disavowed responsibility for these plants, which it claimed were owned by independent suppliers. Nike later changed course, forcing its Asian suppliers to improve working conditions and pay higher wages. The same tactics employed by the antisweatshop gr...
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