Fast Food Nation

Though none of his aerial feedlot photos is included

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Unformatted text preview: es electricity by burning cattle: See Philip Pullela, “Mad Cow Scare on Front Burner around Europe,” Reuters, January 22, 2001. 287 BSE may easily cross the species barrier: See Bonn, “Healthy Carriers,” The Lancet, and Barry James, “‘Mad Cow’ Disease in Pigs and Sheep?” International Herald Tribune, August 31, 2000. “All cannibalistic recycling”: Quoted in Jonathon Leake, “New BSE Outbreak Linked to Blood in Feed,” Sunday Times, September 24, 2001. at least 60,000 other cattle: This figure was cited by Professor Jeffrey Almond, Transcript, “U.S. TSE Committee.” “If you don’t look”: Quoted in John S. Long, “Nation Isn’t Doing Enough to Detect Mad Cow Disease, CWRU Experts Say,” Plain Dealer, May 6, 2001. approximately 375 million cattle: Since 1990, about 34 million cattle have been slaughtered each year in the United States. See “The Texas Blues,” Leather, August 1998. about 15,000 of them were tested for mad cow: See Megan Mulholland, “Wisconsin-Based Renderer’s President Stands...
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