Fast Food Nation

Thousands of additional injuries and illnesses at

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Unformatted text preview: e money every year from livestock products: 1997 Census of Agriculture (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Commerce), p. 36. 150 the largest private employer in Weld County: Indeed, a recent study by two Colorado State University economists found that ConAgra’s facilities are “practically synonymous with Greeley and Weld County.” Andrew Seidl and Stephan Weiler, “The Estimated Value of ConAgra Packing Plants in Weld County, CO,” Agricultural and Resource Policy Report, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, Fort Collins, February 2000, p. 3. A typical steer will consume: Interview with Mike Callicrate, Kansas feedlot operator. deposits about fifty pounds of manure: The figure was determined by researchers at Colorado State University. Cited in Mark Obmascik, “As Greeley Ponders Tax, Cows Keep On Doing Their Thing,” Denver Post, July 29, 1995. produce more excrement than the cities: According to O. W. Charles, of the Extension Poultry Science Department of the Universi...
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