Fast Food Nation

Today the typical american eats about sixty eight

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Unformatted text preview: with alarming implications for a fast food chain that only sold hamburgers. The nation’s chicken meat had traditionally been provided by hens that were too old to lay eggs; after World War II a new poultry industry based in Delaware and Virginia lowered the cost of raising chicken, while medical research touted the health benefits of eating it. Fred Turner wanted McDonald’s to sell a chicken dish that wouldn’t clash with the chain’s sensibility. After six months of intensive research, the Keystone lab developed new technology for the manufacture of McNuggets — small pieces of reconstituted chicken, composed mainly of white meat, that were held together by stabilizers, breaded, fried, frozen, then reheated. The initial test-marketing of McNuggets was so successful that McDonald’s enlisted another company, Tyson Foods, to guarantee an adequate supply. Based in Arkansas, Tyson was one of the nation’s leading chicken processors, and it soon developed a new breed of chicken to facilitate the production of M...
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