Fast Food Nation

Watson reveal some of the unpredictable ways in which

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Unformatted text preview: ercent of the cattle in the United States: Cited in Mitchell Satchell and Stephen J. Hedges, “The Next Bad Beef Scandal? Cattle Feed Now Contains Things Like Chicken Manure and Dead Cats,” U .S. News & World Report, September 1, 1997. millions of dead cats and dead dogs: Ibid. cattle blood is still put into the feed: For the unsettling details of what livestock are now fed, see “Substances Prohibited from Use in Animal Food or Feed; Animal Proteins Prohibited in Ruminant Food; Final Rule,” Part II, Federal Register, June 5, 1997; Ellen Ruppel Shell, “Could Mad-Cow Disease Happen Here?” Atlantic Monthly, September 1998; and Rebecca Osvath, “Some Feed and Manufacturing Facilities Not Complying with Rules to Prevent BSE, Survey Finds,” Food Chemical News, April 3,2000. A study published a few years ago: Eric R. Haapapuro, Neal D. Barnard, and Michele Simon, “Review — Animal Waste Used as Livestock Feed: Dangers to Human Health,” Preventive Medicine, September/October 1997. 203 during the winter about I percent of the cattle… as much as 50...
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