Fast Food Nation

When monfort decided to reopen its greeley plant with

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Unformatted text preview: nue. Javier Ramirez began to educate Monfort workers about their legal right to get workers’ comp benefits after an injury at the plant. Many workers don’t realize that such insurance even exists. The workers’ comp claim forms look intimidating, especially to people who don’t speak any English and can’t read any language: Filing a claim, challenging a p owerful meatpacking company, and placing faith in the American legal system requires a good deal of courage, especially for a recent immigrant. When a workers’ comp claim involves an injury that is nearly impossible to refute (such as an on-the-job amputation), the meatpacking companies generally agree to pay. But when injuries are less visible (such as those stemming from cumulative trauma) the meatpackers often prolong the whole workers’ comp process through litigation, insisting upon hearings and filing seemingly endless appeals. Some of the most painful and debilitating injuries are the hardest to prove. Today it can take years for an injured worker to receive workers’ comp benefits....
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