Fast Food Nation

When a contract is terminated the franchisee can lose

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Unformatted text preview: ht react to the switch, the McDonald’s Corporation hired Louis Cheskin — a prominent design consultant and psychologist to help ease the transition. He argued against completely eliminating the golden arches, claiming they had great Freudian importance in the subconscious mind of consumers. According to Cheskin, the golden arches resembled a pair of large breasts: “mother McDonald’s breasts.” It made little sense to lose the appeal of that universal, and yet somehow all-American, symbolism. The company followed Cheskin’s advice and retained the golden arches, using them to form the M in McDonald’s. free enterprise with federal loans TODAY IT COSTS ABOUT $1.5 million to become a franchisee at Burger King or Carl’s Jr.; a McDonald’s franchisee pays roughly one-third that amount to open a restaurant (since the company owns or holds the lease on the property). Gaining a franchise from a less famous chain — such as Augie’s, Buddy’s Bar-B-Q, Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor, the Chicken Shack, Gumby Pizza, Hot Dog on a Stick, or Tippy’s Taco House — can cost as little as $50,000. Franchisees...
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