Fast Food Nation

Working in the service society edited by lynn

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Unformatted text preview: , pp. 411–13. 43 “the decade of the child consumer”: McNeal, Kids as Customers, p. 6. as early as the age of two: Cited in “Brand Aware,” Children’s Business, June 2000. children often recognize a brand logo: See “Brand Consciousness,” IFF on Kids: Kid Focus, no. 3. a 1991 study… found: Paul Fischer et al., “Brand Logo Recognition by Children Aged 3 to 6 Years: Mickey Mouse and Old Joe the Camel,” Journal of the American Medical Association, December 11, 1991. 43 Another study found: See Judann Dagnoli, “JAMA Lights New Fire Under Camel’s Ads,” Advertising Age, December 16,1991. the CME KidCom Ad Traction Study II: Cited in “Market Research Ages 6–17: Talking Chihuahua Strikes Chord with Kids,” Selling to Kids, February 3, 1999. “It’s not just getting kids to whine”: Quoted in “Market Research: The Old Nagging Game Can Pay off for Marketers,” Selling to Kids, April 15, 1998. Vance Packard described children as “surrogate salesmen”: See Boas and Chain, Big Mac, p. 127; Vance Packard, The Hidden Persuaders (New York: D. McKay, 1957), pp. 158–61. 44 “children’s requesting styles and appeals”: McNeal, Kids as Customers, pp. 72–75....
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