Fast Food Nation

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Unformatted text preview: or citric acid (a common food additive). At a meeting with Japanese executives that was secretly recorded, the president of Archer Daniels Midland preached the virtues of collaboration. “We have a saying at this company,” he said. “Our competitors are our friends, and our customers are our enemies.” Archer Daniels Midland remains the world’s largest producer of lysine, as well as the world’s largest processor of soybeans and corn. It is also one of the largest shareholders of IBP. A 1996 USDA investigation of concentration in the beef industry found that many ranchers were afraid to testify against the large meatpacking companies, fearing retaliation and “economic ruin.” That year Mike Callicrate, a cattleman from St. Francis, Kansas, decided to speak out against corporate behavior he thought was not just improper but criminal. “I was driving down the road one day,” Callicrate told me, “and I kept thinking, when is someone going to do something about this? And I suddenly realized that maybe nobody’s going to do it, and I had to give it a try.” He claims that after his testimony before the USDA commi...
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