Fast Food Nation

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Unformatted text preview: National Contract Growers Institute study, completed with cooperation of researchers in the Department of Agricultural Sciences, Louisiana Tech University, October 11,1995. About half of the nation’s chicken growers: Cited in Sheri Venena, “Growing Pains,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, October 18, 1998. “We get the check first”: Quoted ibid. when the United States had dozens of poultry firms: See Marj Charlier, “Chicken Economics: The Broiler Industry Consolidates, and That Is Bad News to Farmers,” Wall Street Journal, January 4, 1990. 142 “Our relationship with our growers”: Quoted in Venena, “Growing Pains.” A number of studies by the U.S. Department of Agriculture: The most recent study, issued by the USDA’s Economic Research Service in May 1999, found “no evidence… that increasing [packer] concentration results in lower farm prices” — a finding considered absurd and ridiculed by a number of ranchers and economists. Quoted in Anthan, “2 Reports Focus on Packers’ Profits.” See also “Meatpacking: Where’s the Big Beef?” Bismarck...
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