Fast Food Nation

By the late 1990s had already reached an all time low

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Unformatted text preview: Company Takes Hired Workers to Homeless Shelter,” Minneapolis Star Tribune, September 14, 1994; Tony Kennedy, “International Dairy Queen to Review Its Relationship with Meat Supplier GFI,” Minneapolis Star-Tribune, September 15, 1994; and “GFI’s Frugal Ways Led to Problems for Some Workers,” Minneapolis StarTribune, December 9,1994. 163 “Our job is not to provide”: Quoted in Rigert and Meryhew, “Food Company Takes Hired Workers.” Mike Harper personally stood to gain: Cited in “Capital Gains Exclusion Would Benefit Key Backers,” U PI, April 19, 1987. 164 called Harper’s demands “blackmail”: See Limprecht, ConAgra Who?, p. 269. “Some Friday night, we turn out the lights”: Quoted in Dennis Farney, “Nebraska, Hungry of Jobs, Grants Big Business Big Tax Breaks Despite Charges of ‘Blackmail,’” Wall Street Journal, June 23, 1987. 164 after the revision of the state’s tax code: See Henry J. Cordes, “Did It Prime the Pump? Report Questions Economic Incentives,” Omaha World-Herald, December 28, 1997. Ernie Goss, an economist at Creighton University, thinks the estimate of $13,000 to...
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