Fast Food Nation

Coli 0157h7 from sporadic cases of hemorrhagic

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Unformatted text preview: , “Free Ride with Help from INS.” 176 awarded $2.4 million to a female employee…“screamed obscenities and rubbed their bodies”: A federal judge later reduced the award to $1.75 million. See Lynn Hicks, “IBP Worker Awarded $2.4 Million by Jury,” Des Moines Register, February 27, 1999; Lynn Hicks, “Worker: Sexism, Racism at IBP,” Des Moines Register, February 3,1999; “IBP Told to Pay Attorney’s Fees,” Des Moines Register, December 30, 1999. the company paid the women $900,000: See “Monfort Beef to Pay $900,000 to Settle Sexual Harassment Suit,” Houston Chronicle, September 1,1999. pressured them for dates and sex: Ibid. They are considered “independent contractors”: As a result, the meatpacking firms are not liable for the work-related injuries of the slaughterhouse employees who face the greatest risks. When OSHA tried to penalize IBP for the death of a sanitation worker, IBP appealed the decision, with the backing of the National Association of Manufacturers, before a federa...
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