Fast Food Nation

Fell by 9 percent in the fourth quarter cited in

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Unformatted text preview: andez, “Family-Owned In-N-Out at a Crossroads.” 260 In-N-Out ranked first: See Deborah Silver, “Primary Choices,” Restaurants and Institutions, March 1, 2000. the lowest-quality food of any major hamburger chain: Ibid. 262 “advertising directed at children”: Quoted in Harry Berkowitz, “Pediatricians Want Check on Kids’ Ads,” Newsday, February 9, 1995. See also “Policy Statement: Children, Adolescents, and Television,” American Academy of Pediatrics, October 1995. more than 90 percent of the children in the United States: Cited in Rod Taylor, “The Beanie Factor,” Brandweek, June 16, 1997 263 safest food supply in the world: The National Academy of Science’s Committee to Insure Safe Food from Production to Consumption recently found “little evidence to either support or contradict that assertion.” The committee’s reluctance to pass judgment was based on the unreliable reporting system for foodborne illness in the United States. The panel did not compare the America...
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