Fast Food Nation

Four orders of french fries every week per capita

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Unformatted text preview: han just fuel. Things don’t have to be the way they are. Despite all evidence to the contrary, I remain optimistic. photo credits INTRODUCTION : Cheyenne Mountain. © 2000 by Greg Skinner. CHAPTER 1: Carl Karcher holding his daughter Anne Marie beside his first hot dog stand, 1942. Courtesy of CKE, Inc. CHAPTER 2: Ronald McDonald in the classroom. © 1989 by Evan Johnson/Impact Visuals. CHAPTER 3: Working at Wendy’s. © 2000 by Skylar Nielsen. CHAPTER 4: Signs at night. © 2000 by Skylar Nielsen. CHAPTER 5: J. R. Simplot. © 1995 by Louis Psihoyos/Matrix. CHAPTER 6: Cattle in eastern Colorado. © 2000 by Rob Buchanan. CHAPTER 7: Welcome to Greeley. © 2000 by Eugene Richards. CHAPTER 8: Injured ConAgra Beef worker and his family. © 2000 by Eugene Richards. CHAPTER 9: Alex Donley. Courtesy of Nancy Donley. CHAPTER 10: A Vogtland cowboy. © 1999 by Franziska Heinze. EPILOGUE: Fast food nation. © 2000 by Mark Mann. notes Introduction Although I did a great deal of firsthand reporting and...
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