Fast Food Nation

Grinding it out kroc grinding it out p 123 97

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Unformatted text preview: ges in 1967 and 1997. 66 more than 70 percent of fast food visits: Cited in J. P. Donlon, “Quinlan Fries Harder: Interview with McDonald’s CEO Michael Quinlan,” Chief Executive, January 11, 1998. See also Judith Waldrop, “Most Restaurant Meals Are Bought on Impulse,” American Demographics, February 1994. 66 Ray Kroc flew in a Cessna… McDonald’s later used helicopters: See Kroc, Grinding It Out, p. 176. one of the world’s leading purchasers of commercial satellite: Interview with Elliott Olson. “spy on their customers”: William Dunn, “Skycams Drain Floods, Save Lives, Sell Burgers,” American Demographics, July 1992. 68 two-thirds of the nation’s fast food workers: Cited in Robert W. Van Giezen, “Occupational Wages in the Fast Food Industry,” Monthly Labor Review, August 1994; and Alan Liddle, “Diversity at Work: Teenagers,” Nation’s Restaurant News, May 24, 1999. Business historian Alfred D. Chandler has argued: Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., The Visible Hand: The Managerial...
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