Fast Food Nation

Keen consumers of beef burgers quoted in claire

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Unformatted text preview: Not Complacency,” American Family Physician, February 15, 1999. the number of fast food restaurants in Great Britain: Cited in Gleick, “Land of the Fat.” and so did the obesity rate among adults: Cited in Gary Taubes, “Demographics: Weight Increases Worldwide?” Science, May 29, 1998 The British now eat more fast food: Cited in Kate Watson Smyth, “Britons Eating 7M Pounds of Fast Food Every Day,” Independent, May 13, 1999. They also have the highest obesity rate: Cited in Gleick, “Land of the Fat.” less of a problem in Italy and Spain: Ibid. where spending on fast food is relatively low: See Smyth, “Britons Eating 7M Pounds”; “Fast Food Is Taking Over the World,” U SA Today Magazine, May 1, 1999; Dita Smith, “What on Earth? Fast-Food Feast,” Washington Post, May 27, 2000. In China, the proportion of overweight teenagers: Cited in Simon Pollock, “China’s Biggest ‘Little Emperors’ Struggle to Tone Up,” Japan Economic Newswire, August 18, 1999. In Japan, eating hamburgers:...
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