Fast Food Nation

Millions of dead cats and dead dogs ibid cattle blood

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Unformatted text preview: l appeals court in 1998 — and won. Although the meatpackers own the slaughterhouses and the slaughterhouse equipment, they are not legally responsible for the immigrants who clean them. See Stephan C. Yohay and Arthur G. Sapper, “Liability on Multi-Employer Worksites,” Occupational Hazards, October 1998. 178 Richard Skala was beheaded: See Jim Morris, “Easy Prey: Harsh Work for Immigrants,” Houston Chronicle, June 26, 1995. Carlos Vincente: See “Guatemalan Man Dies after Falling into Machinery of Beef Processing Plant,” AP, November 3, 1998; “Ft. Morgan Firm Faces $350,000 in OSHA Fines,” AP, May 4, 1999. Lorenzo Marin, Sr.: See Mark P. Couch, “IBP Told to Pay Damages to Family,” Des Moines Register, June 7, 1995. Another employee of DCS Sanitation… The same machine: See Jim Rasmussen, “Company Expecting Fines Today; Death at IBP Plant May Cost Ohio Firm,” Omaha World-Herald, October 7,1993. Homer Stull climbed into a blood-collection tank: See Allen Freedman,...
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