Fast Food Nation

More than thirty thousand tv commercials cited in

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Unformatted text preview: Interstate,” Business Week: 100 Years of Innovation, Summer 1999. 46,000 miles of road: “1956: Interstate.” “Our food was exactly the same”: George Clark, one of the founders of Burger Queen, made this admission. Quoted in Luxenberg, Roadside Empires, p. 76. William Rosenberg: For the story of Dunkin’ Donuts, see Luxenberg, Roadside Empires, pp. 18–20. Glenn W. Bell, Jr.: For the story of Taco Bell, see Love, Behind the Arches, pp. 267; Jakle and Sculle, Fast Food, pp. 257–58. Keith G. Cramer: For the story of Burger King, see McLamore, The Burger King. Dave Thomas: For the story of Wendy’s, see Thomas, Dave’s Way. 23 Thomas S. Monaghan: For the story of Domino’s, see Monaghan, Pizza Tiger. Harland Sanders: For the story of KFC, see Sanders, Life As I Have Known It; and Whitworth, “Kentucky Fried.” “not to call a no-good, lazy”: Sanders, Life As I Have Known It, p. 141. 24 The Motormat: See Witzel, American Drive-In, p. 121. the Biff-Burger chain: See Tennyson, Hamburger Heaven, p. 73. “Miracle Insta Machines...
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