Fast Food Nation

That supplied ground beef to mcdonalds restaurants

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Unformatted text preview: uoted in John Lichfield, “St. Jose Makes His Stand Against the Chicken ‘McMerde,’” Independent, July 1,2000. “epitomises everything we despise”: Quoted in Christopher Dunkley, “The Greens Take a Bite at Big Mac,” Financial Times, May 17, 1997. 245 “What’s Wrong with McDonald’s?”: See “What’s Wrong with McDonald’s? Everything They Don’t Want You to Know,” London Greenpeace, 1986. 246 McDonald’s threatened to sue at least fifty: See Vidal, McLibel, pp. 46–47. about $18 billion: “McDonald’s History Listing,” McDonald’s Corporation, 1996. the court record included 40,000 pages of documents: Cited in Colleen Graffy, “Big Mac Bited Back,” American Bar Association Journal, August 1997. 247 McDonald’s did “exploit” children: Quoted in Dick Beveridge, “McDonald’s Wins Marathon Libel Case, but Loses Publicity Battle,” AP, June 19, 1997. “McDonald’s don’t deserve a penny”: Quoted ibid. 248 During the trial, Sidney Nicholson… officers belonging to Special Branch: See testimony of S...
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