Fast Food Nation

The company paid the women 900000 see monfort beef to

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Unformatted text preview: August 1997. a place on President Nixon’s “enemies list”: See “Beef Baron,” Rocky Mountain News Sunday Magazine, May 3, 1987. “If I can ever be of help”: Quoted in Andreas, Meatpackers and Beef Barons, p. 37. 152 “the greatest aggregation”: Sinclair, Jungle, p. 40. “cogs in the great packing machine”: Ibid., p. 78. “conditions that are entirely unnecessary”: Quoted in Yeager, Competition and Regulation, p. 200. 153 “I aimed for the public’s heart”: Quoted in Skaggs, Prime Cut, p. 118. paid the industry’s highest wages: See Stromquist and Bergman, U nionizing the Jungles, pp. 25–33. 154 “We’ve tried to take the skill out”: Quoted in Stull et al., Any Way You Cut It, p. 19. as though it were waging war: Holman is quoted in Christopher Drew, “A Chain of Setbacks for Meat Workers,” Chicago Tribune, October 25, 1988. close ties with La Cosa Nostra: Steinman was a central figure in New York City’s meat business, dominated at the time by the Lucchese and Gambino crime families. See Kwitny, Vicious Circles, pp. 252–53. 155 a five...
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