13 Chemical NonEquilibrium

2 kf n kf n not function of composition kf eq dt 2 o

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Unformatted text preview: osition kf eq dt *2 O O * * kb NO N * kb NO N N * * Kc T true even when not in chemical equilibrium d NO dt * * NO kb kf NO N equil. constant so for each reaction, only 1 rate constant is independent kf N O 1 NO KC AE6050 3 School of Aerospace Engineering Characteristic Reaction Times • What is characteristic time for a given (single direction) reaction? – e.g., forward reaction O2 N NO O – define characteristic time by reaction rate and change in reactant concentration N N0 d N dt chem dN dt k f O2 N At initial conditions, the b ackward reaction won't yet happen – as example for reaction in air, we might assume fractional [O2] change much less than for [N] and little N initially N0 k f O2 0 N chem 1 k f O2 0 dN for early dt times N d NO dt chem AE6050 Chemical Nonequilibrium -7 Copyright © 2010 by Jerry M. Seitzman. All rights reserved. School of Aerospace Engineering R...
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